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Teaching Remotely

If students or instructors are unable to meet on campus, due to illness, campus closures, or weather-related events, these tools can help us continue to connect with each other for teaching and learning. Rutgers IDT will be available to support our faculty (call 856-225-6090 or email

For most classes, asynchronous tools (i.e., not requiring participants to be online simultaneously) will be easier to implement and more robust in case of widespread disruptions. We recommend considering these tools first.

We’ve also offered a series of webinars for faculty featuring some of these topics and tools.  View recordings of our remote teaching support webinars here.

If you don’t have one of these tools in your Canvas or Sakai site currently, but aren’t sure how to add new tools, you can use the following instructions:

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Tool Information

Asynchronous tools (preferred)

Sending messages to your class
Sharing files with your class
Sharing files with your class through library reserves

  • If there are course materials you would like to make available available to your students (including journal articles, streaming media, and selections from books), please submit a course reserves request to the library.
Asynchronous, text-based discussion
Asynchronous lecture

Student paper submissions online, plus returning feedback

Synchronous tools (require scheduling with students—and often more bandwidth)

Synchronous online meetings

  • Live video lectures, video/audio-based discussions
Synchronous text chat
Record or livestream your classes

  • If you do make use of the livestream option, you should make the recording available to students as well.
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