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Grading Assignments

Posted at 7:44 a.m. Sept. 16, 2016, by in Assessments, Sakai

Grading & giving feedback on assignments

Steps to grade & give feedback on assignments

  • Click on the Assignments tool in the lefthand menu of your Sakai site.
  • Click the Grade button beneath the assignment name which you’d like to grade.
  • Click on a student name to begin reviewing submissions and entering grades.
  • To review a submission and grade/provide feedback:
    • The student submission should either appear under “Assignment Submission” or “Submitted attachments.” If the student has submitted an attachment, click on the attachment to download the file and review it on your computer; then, return to Sakai.
    • Enter the score in the Grade: text box.
    • Input any comments/feedback for the student in the “Instructor Summary Comments” area. These are private to the student who submitted the assignment.
    • Below the “Instructor Summary Comments” box, there is also an area to upload a file: “Attachments to return with grade.” This is useful if you’ve used the Review/Comment feature in Microsoft Word to add comments to a writing assignment.
    • Choose “Save and Don’t Release to Student” or “Save and Release to Student” before clicking the “Next ungraded” button in the lower righthand corner. (Note that if you choose “Save and Don’t Release…” but have released the grade in the gradebook, the score will still be available to students.)
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.25.59 AMWhen you’ve finished grading all submissions, click the “Return to List” button. From this page, you can easily release all grades/feedback using the “Release Grades” button (see image to left). You can also quickly assign 0s to those without submissions using the “Assign this grade to participants without a grade:” feature.
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