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Scheduling recordings of in-person class meetings with RUCams

Posted at 4:11 p.m. March 9, 2020, by in Canvas, Classroom Technology

last updated Dec 21, 2023 @ 3:46 pm

New feature! As of fall 2023, RUCams classroom recordings include a moveable, resizeable picture-in-picture frame of whatever you send to the room projector, from the podium PC, your laptop, iOS or Android device, document camera, etc. This will make all projected materials much more legible in the video. Thank you, Rutgers–Camden IT!

Step 1: Request classroom recording

Note: recording options usually become available a few weeks before the semester begins.

  1. Log in with your NetID to
  2. Select the course for which you want recordings (confirm the correct semester)
  3. From the session list, you can A) select only specific days to record or B) click the Record All button at the bottom right
    1. If you selected specific days, click the Schedule Recordings button at the bottom of the page for the Recording Options pop-up
    2. If you click Record All, the Recording Options will pop up
  4. Recording Options:
      1. IMPORTANT: If you will be sharing all recordings automatically with your students from Canvas, select Yes for “Add to Course Podcast” [be sure to also follow Step 2, below.]
      2. If you don’t want video, select Yes for “Record Audio Only”
      3. If you want to manually choose which recordings you’ll share with students, and when, select Yes for “Upload to Kaltura”
      4. If you want to know which students review the recordings, select Yes for “Track Playback” (playback can only be tracked for video played from RUCams server, although Kaltura also has an analytics feature)
      5. Now click the “Schedule Recordings” button again
  5. Note: If you chose Record All and want to eliminate certain dates from recording, click the Edit box RUCams edit box and change “Cancel Recording” to Yes and then Save.

When you’re in class: there’s nothing you need to do to start or stop the recording! The class will record automatically during your scheduled class time.

Step 2: Share automatically from your Canvas site

These steps will make all of your scheduled recordings automatically available to your students. Please contact us at 856-225-6090 or if you’d like to make the videos available, but would prefer to review them first.

  1. Schedule your recordings (see Step 1 above), being sure to select the Recording Option #1, Add to Course Podcast, at least.
  2. As of December, 2023, we now have a Class Recordings LTI (external tool) you can add to your course menu!
  3. Enable the Canvas tool called Class Recordings for each course site, which will automatically link to your video podcast of class recordings, presenting a list of the semester’s videos. New videos will appear shortly after each class concludes.
  4. After editing your Canvas site’s navigation (eg, course menu), you may need to refresh your browser page to see the new tool.
  5. The Class Recordings link should now display in your course menu; click it to see the list of videos. If you add the tool before any classes are recorded, it will report “Sorry, we were unable to find videos matching that request. Please note that this may be because there are no videos currently available.”


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