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Sakai users – Hosting an online meeting with Big Blue Button (‘Meetings’)

Posted at 10:30 a.m. March 11, 2020, by in Online, Sakai, Uncategorized

Launching a BigBlueButton web conference from Sakai

    • Add the Meetings tool to your Sakai site if it is not there already
      • Click on Site Info
      • Click on Manage Tools
      • Click on the ‘Content Sharing’ and select ‘Meetings’
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Continue’
      • Click ‘Finish’
      • Meetings is now enabled in your Sakai site.  You can find it along the left-hand course navigation bar.
    • Click the Meetings tool in the left-hand menu of the site
    • Click the red “Create Meeting” button
      • Enter a title for the meeting; example: 1/29 Class makeup
      • Make sure the “Recording” option is selected if you would like to record your conference.
      • Under the “Availability” section, select “Join closed date:” and select a date and time shortly after you expect conference will end (for instance, if I have a conference on March 9 from 3-4pm, I might select a join closed date of March 9 at 4pm).
      • Make sure to select the “Notify participants” option if you would like Sakai to send a notification to your students.
      • Click Save.
    • The conference should now appear on the Meetings page. Click the title of the conference, then click “Join meeting” to enter BigBlueButton.

Using BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton runs within your browser and upon launching the conference, your screen should look like the image below. Each of the tools is described below the image. Or, watch the appropriate video below the image and tool annotations for further instruction.(click the image for a larger version)

1 – Users: your students will appear here. Click the cog/gear icon to the right of Users and click “Save usernames” to download a list of everyone in attendance. You can also mute all users from this menu (useful if there is a lot of audio feedback).

2 – Public chat: use the < icon in the upper left to collapse this widget. Students can use this area to share questions with you and the class.

3 – Main screen: this is where your slides will display once uploaded (see #4 on how to load your slides)

4 – Blue circle with plus sign: click to upload your presentation (PDF recommended; it’s best to upload this as soon as you enter the conference)

5- Start Recording: Make sure to click this to begin recording the conference! You can end the recording from this area as well.

6 – Bottom icons: toggle webcam/microphone on or off; start screensharin

7 – Three dots in upper right: Click this to access “End meeting.”

Using BBB & ending your Sakai conference (and where to find your recording!)

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