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Creating assessments in the age of AI

Posted July 1, 2024

In light of Artificial Intelligence advancements and the ever-increasing popularity of AI tools and LLMs (Large Language Models), many educators recognize the need to reevaluate the way we assess learning. We need to think critically about the design of not only individual prompts but the overall structure of our assessments. Here are a few ideas to consider, as we seek to develop assessments that discourage students from relying on AI-generated responses as a substitute for their work and demonstration of knowledge.

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Get to know New VoiceThread

Posted April 12, 2024

Changes are coming to VoiceThread – and Rutgers VoiceThread users will be able to experience this updated version, called “New VoiceThread”, starting on May 13th.  This update includes changes to the user interface and design layout, a suite of new features, and improved accessibility for all users. Please note that the New VoiceThread update will not impact the functionality of any previously created VoiceThreads.

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