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  • How do I submit final grades via Canvas using Gradesync?

    Submit final grades via Canvas using Gradesync First, verify that your course grading scheme is correct. Scroll to the bottom of your course navigation bar and click on Settings. Scroll down to find the ‘Grading Scheme’ setting and click ‘View Grading Scheme.’ Verify that letter grades are correct per Rutgers official letter grades and that percentage ranges are accurate ...
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  • Wish your students could annotate worksheets (diagrams, maps, etc.) online?

    Create an annotated student assignment If you have a document (such as a map, diagram, or any other type of worksheet) that you’d like your students to be able to annotate and turn in online, the ‘Student Annotation’ type submission in Canvas may be a great fit! This feature allows students to easily annotate or markup ...
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  • Prepping your course sites for summer

    Teaching an online course during the summer session presents some unique challenges! Consider the following tips to help prepare your summer course sites and enhance the teaching and learning experience. If you need help copying content from a past Canvas site, IDT is happy to help.  Please contact and let us know the course name ...
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  • Quick resources to share with your students

    In November of 2021, IDT announced a webinar series called Coffee with IDT, presenting to our Rutgers–Camden instructors some easy ways to share resources with students. Catch up with the recorded versions here! Library reading lists and media. Presented by Zara Wilkinson from the Paul Robeson Library. Would you like to easily create and share a reading list ...
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  • Surveying your students during the COVID-19 crisis response

    Surveying your students during the COVID-19 crisis response The COVID-19 crisis response has resulted in upheaval, stress and uniquely complicated circumstances for both faculty and students alike. One simple measure you can implement in your course to address these factors is a brief student survey designed to better assess their current situations. Benefits of such a survey ...
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