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Share local Zoom recordings with students

Posted at noon Sept. 7, 2020, by in Canvas, Zoom

In general, we recommend saving your Zoom recordings to the cloud, which allows the easiest sharing with students. (See our Zoom recommendations for more details.) However, if you do record to your local computer, you’ll need to upload those videos to our Kaltura streaming server so you can share them with your students.

  1. Figure out where your local Zoom recordings are being stored on your for Mac or Windows computer (see video below):
    1. Open your Zoom client (or ‘desktop’) software
    2. Click on your face or account icon in the top right corner
    3. Choose Settings from the menu
    4. From the Settings window, choose Recordings
    5. At the top of the Recordings settings screen, you’ll see the path to where your local recordings are stored

  2. Now you will use this location information to locate the video file(s) when you upload them to the Rutgers Kaltura media streaming server
  3. You can share the videos with your class from your Canvas site, either via Media Gallery or by embedding them on a Canvas page


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