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Teaching with Zoom

last updated Apr 4, 2023 @ 2:04 pm
The Zoom web conferencing tool has been licensed for Rutgers faculty, staff, and students since July 2020, and is integrated with our Canvas course management system. For most of the tips below, we’re assuming that you are accessing Zoom from a Canvas course site.

  1. Compelling ideas about teaching synchronously: “Making Shapes in Zoom,” by Karen Costa
  2. Instructors, start here: Activate your Rutgers Zoom account
    • Log into Rutgers Canvas, enter your course site, and click the Zoom tool from the course menu at the left.
    • If you are prompted to authenticate your Zoom account, do so! (Should only be requested the first time you use Zoom in Canvas.)
    • If you receive an error message that the instructor email is invalid, you should change your default email in Canvas
    • In general you will log into Zoom from within a Canvas site or from which are both aware of your Rutgers affiliation. If you ever need to log into your Rutgers Zoom account from or from your local Zoom client software, you must click the SSO login button and identify your institution as Rutgers.
  3. Teaching with Zoom in Canvas
    • Zoom should appear on your course menus by default (you can modify your Canvas course menu for each site)
    • Zoom in Canvas can be used to schedule meetings, allow easy join for students, and share Zoom recordings saved to the cloud (see “Zoom in Canvas” video below)
    • If you plan to use pre-populated polls, our advice is to modify your meetings from the Rutgers Zoom portal, which allows full configuration of Zoom tools. Please note that pre-assigned breakout rooms are currently not possible through Rutgers Zoom accounts because they require that all students use Rutgers Zoom accounts which is not currently feasible.
    • Zoom recording tips:

Intro webinar: “Teaching with Zoom”

Slideshow from the webinar:

Zoom in Canvas (5:32)

With the Zoom tool in Canvas, schedule meetings, start & join meetings, view recordings & reports

Setting up for your Zoom class (1:43)

Set up your workspace: mic, webcam, participant and chat panels, screens for sharing ready to go

Running your Zoom meeting, part 1 (2:45)

Start recording, mic & webcam options, manage participants

Running your Zoom meeting, part 2 (4:37)

Manage chat, share screens, stop recording, end meeting

Breakout rooms (video by Zoom, 3:18)

Polls (video by Zoom, 2:15)

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