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Narrate submission feedback in VoiceThread

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last updated Jan 12, 2024 @ 3:43 pm

This page suggests a specific use for VoiceThread in Canvas; for other uses, see VoiceThread overview & examples.

Record assessment feedback

Annotating text and narrating comments

    1. Add a link to VT Home in your Canvas modules
      1. Start in your Canvas site, in Modules, and click the plus sign at top-right
      2. Add External Tool, then choose VoiceThread from the alphabetical list
      3. Select VT Home Page; add Activity Name (perhaps VoiceThread Home); publish
      4. Finally, click Add Item to complete adding the new link in Modules
    2. Now create your first feedback VT
      1. Click the new link in your Module “VoiceThread Home”
      2. Click the Create link at the top left to create your VoiceThread
      3. Click Add Media and from My Computer to upload your first student paper (Word doc or PDF, in most cases)
      4. Enter a title like “Student Name – Essay 1” and click Save
      5. You’ll see each page in the document as its own ‘slide’
    3. Next you will add your comments to the paper
      1. Click the Comment link near the top of the VT window
      2. You’ll see the first page of the paper, click the microphone icon (middle, bottom of page) to start recording your voice
      3. As soon as the recording starts, you will see a annotation pencil near the bottom of the screen; click that to mark areas of the paper as you record
      4. When you are done with the page, click Stop Recording at the bottom
      5. Now, use the right arrow to progress to page 2, being sure to stop recording on each page until done
    4. Finally be sure to share with ONLY the correct student in your course
      1. Once your comments and annotations are recorded, click the Share link from the ‘hamburger’ icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top-left corner
      2. Scroll to find your course and click the Members link to select the correct student
      3. Allow them to View (and perhaps Comment), then click the blue Share button
      4. Now close the comment screen with the X in the top-right corner and start your next VT with the Create link [see Step 2 above]
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