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End of semester reminders and tips

Posted at 10:23 a.m. April 24, 2023, by in Assessments, Canvas, IDT Blog: Teaching & Tech Tips, Uncategorized

As we head into the last days of the semester, we invite you to consider the following suggestions to ensure your grades are being calculated accurately in your Canvas gradebooks and that all loose ends have been addressed before submitting final grades.

Missing assignments

  • Ensure that all missing assignments have been assigned a grade.  If students do not receive a grade for a missing assignment, the default setting is that this score will not count against their final grade.  Enter a 0 for any missing assignments manually OR change your gradebook’s default setting to assign a 0 for all missing assignments.
  • If you would like to excuse students from missing work, you can type ‘EX’ in the grade cell. This will nullify the assignment for that student, so it does not count towards the final grade.

Verify weighted gradebook assignment groups

  • If you use a weighted assignment group system, you can set this up in Canvas to calculate automatically.
  • Confirm that assignments are assigned within the correct assignment group.

Verify course grade scheme

  • In your course settings, verify that your grade scheme is set accurately.
  • If planning to use Gradesync to automatically submit final grades, ensure that only Rutgers recognized letter grades are in use. (see video below for demonstration.)

Submit final grades via Gradesync

  • Use the Gradesync feature to submit grades automatically to the registrar

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