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Adobe Stock for high-quality course images

Posted at 12:40 p.m. March 4, 2024, by in IDT Blog: Teaching & Tech Tips

Looking for high-quality, royalty-free images to use in your course presentations or Canvas course sites? Try Adobe Stock. Rutgers offers Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for all faculty, staff, and students. Our license includes access to Adobe Stock, which is available via web interface and does not require downloading or installing additional software.

Finding Adobe Stock images
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Rutgers-affiliated Adobe ID (Need to activate your account? See these steps).
  3. Follow the prompts to log in via CAS.
  4. Once logged in to Adobe Stock, use the search function to search for related images.
  5. Select an image by clicking on it. The image will either say ‘License’ or ‘Re-download for free.’ Either option will prompt the download to begin, after which you can find the image in your computer’s file storage. (Note: You can also add images to your library on Adobe Stock to create a repository of favorite images.)
Accessibility tip

Some users with low vision may not be able to view the image in the traditional sense. When using images in Canvas, PowerPoint, video presentations, etc., it is important to account for these viewers.

  • When adding images to Canvas, PowerPoint, or Google Slides, you can add alt-text to assist students using screen readers. (See the links above for specific instructions for adding alt-text when using these tools). 
  • If using an image as part of a narrated lecture video, consider taking a moment to describe the image verbally for any users with low vision.

The gallery below features some examples of photos available on Adobe Stock.

Icons made by Madebyoliver from