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VoiceThread overview & examples

Posted at 7:55 a.m. Nov. 6, 2014, by in VoiceThread


VoiceThread is a multimedia, collaborative tool that allows instructors to upload different types of media–images, documents, videos, slides– into a presentation (called a VoiceThread itself). The instructor and students can then comment on each individual “slide” using text, audio, or video comments. Students can also annotate on the “slide” as they leave their comments, highlighting features of the media being displayed. VoiceThread integrates smoothly into Canvas; once you’ve added VoiceThread to your course through Canvas, you and your students have immediate access– no need to create an account or visit a separate site.

Below is an example of a VoiceThread explaining what VoiceThread is.


Suggested VoiceThread use cases

Here are a few of the most common and effective use cases of VoiceThread here at Rutgers-Camden.

  • Student presentations: Students can share PowerPoint presentations that they’ve created and add audio comments serving as narration.  The instructor and classmates can leave additional comments asking questions, leaving feedback, etc. A great alternative to in-person student presentations, particularly in an online class environment.
  • Collaborative class creation: Each student can add 1 (or more) slides to a shared class VoiceThread, creating a ‘patchwork quilt’ effect where everyone adds their own contribution to the final presentation.  This approach can also work well for student group presentations (each member uploads their individual portion to a shared group VoiceThread.  This method also works well as an ‘Introduce yourself’ activity, where each student prepares a slide sharing images/text that are meaningful to them and then narrating their slide.
  • Oral practice: Especially useful for world language courses, students can practice speaking aloud and receive feedback based on their pronunciation or use of language.  Use a video or audio recording as the initial prompt to mimic conversations and review your students’ responses.
  • Alternative lecture delivery:  Consider uploading lecture slides to VoiceThread and adding audio comments and complementary annotation as your lecture delivery.  Take it one step further and have students leave their own comments asking questions or sharing their thoughts.

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