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VoiceThread overview & examples

Posted at 7:55 a.m. Nov. 6, 2014, by in VoiceThread


VoiceThread is a multimedia, collaborative tool that allows instructors to upload different types of media–images, documents, videos, slides– into a presentation (called a VoiceThread itself). The instructor and students can then comment on each individual “slide” using text, audio, or video comments. Students can also annotate on the “slide” as they leave their comments, highlighting features of the media being displayed. VoiceThread integrates smoothly into both Sakai and eCollege; once you’ve added VoiceThread to your course through Sakai/eCollege, you and your students have immediate access– no need to create an account or visit a separate site.

Below is an example of a VoiceThread explaining what VoiceThread is.

Download a PDF: The basics of creating and sharing VoiceThreads

Examples: different ways of using VoiceThread

VoiceThread can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are just a small sampling of ideas below:

  • Using a VoiceThread for a general class discussion– students can discuss artwork, videos, political cartoons, documents, etc that the instructor has uploaded to the VoiceThread
  • Use VoiceThread for student course introductions– great for online courses or large lecture courses
  • Using VoiceThread for student presentations, group or individual– instructors aren’t the only ones who can create VoiceThread. VoiceThread can be a great way for students upload presentation slides and present asynchronously. Groups members can record the audio narration to their presentation without having to physically meet. Students can share their presentations with the class, and classmates can leave comments on these presentations.
  • Use VoiceThread to build a narrated lecture– Many instructors upload their lecture slides and add audio and/or video comments to each slide and use this as a method of sharing a lecture with the students. Some instructors also record themselves speaking (“talking head”) within the VoiceThread as a lecture method. This can be beneficial because students do not have to download files, and VoiceThread does not require special computer software or video editing software for the instructor to create lectures.

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