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Record lecture on iPad

Posted at 5:34 p.m. May 27, 2021, by in Adding & Editing Content, Canvas, Creating content, iPad, Kaltura, Microsoft Office, Teaching Online

last updated Mar 14, 2023 @ 11:00 am
If you use an iPad, recording lectures on it can give you some interesting options. This article will review:

  • setting up your iPad for recording
  • recording a slideshow with narration
  • adding live annotations during recording
  • ending your recording & saving your video
  • uploading your video to My Kaltura Media (to share with students)

Set up your iPadRecord location in the iPad control panel

  • If you haven’t before, add Screen Recording to your iPad Control Center
    1. from Settings on your iPad, select Control Center
    2. if Screen Recording does not appear under “Included Controls,” find it in the “More Controls” list and click the green + Add button
    3. now when you open Control Center, you’ll see the Record button
  • You’ll probably want to record in landscape mode, and may wish to lock screen to avoid sudden reorientation of your screen
  • To prevent notifications from featuring in your recording, enable Do Not Disturb on your iPad
  • You can record from the built-in mic, but will get better audio quality with an external mic (even your earphone mic)
  • Consider your content. If recording:
    • a slideshow, try to break it up into shorter segments, under 10 minutes or so
    • just a whiteboard, practice your annotating until you’re comfortable (the Notes app may work just fine for you)
    • your face, using the Camera app, consider some best practices for talking-head video

Start and stop recording

  • open the appropriate content (slideshow app, whiteboard app, camera app, etc.)
  • from the top right of the screen, slide your finger down to open the Control Center
  • tap and hold the Record button to show Screen Recording options
  • tap the microphone button if necessary to turn on the microphone (red is ON)
  • tap Start Recording
    • during the 3-second countdown, tap outside of the Screen Recording box to return to Control Center, and again to return to your content
    • when you seen the red recording icon at the top, you are now recording everything on your iPad screen, plus your voice
    • to emphasize a spot on your screen: tap and hold on the screen to create a pointer (big red dot); it will disappear when you lift your finger
    • to annotate on a PowerPoint slideshow: tap the top of your screen to make the Pencil icon appear; select to draw on screen—or tap the “pencil behind a gear” icon for more options
  • to end the recording, tap the red recording button that will always show at the top of your screen
  • the recorded video will be automatically saved in the Photos app on your iPad

Uploading to Kaltura & sharing in Canvas

  1. Upload from iPad to Kaltura
  2. Embed Kaltura video on a Canvas Page


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