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Narrated PowerPoint to Kaltura to Canvas

Posted at 12:23 p.m. May 24, 2021, by in Adding & Editing Content, Canvas, Kaltura, Microsoft Office

last updated May 24, 2021 @ 4:21 pm

If you have narrated PowerPoint files you wish to share with students in Canvas, the best way to do that is to export the PP as a video (mp4), upload it to Kaltura MyMedia, and then share it with your students from your course Canvas site. Should work from Mac or PC.

  1. From PowerPoint, open your narrated slideshow and click Files / Export
  2. Choose file type MP4 and save to your computer
    1. If that option is not available; contact OIT to upgrade PowerPoint
    2. Exporting can take some time; wait until it is complete
  3. Now go to the account menu in Canvas (click your avatar at top of left-hand toolbar) and select My Media
  4. In My Media, click the Add New button and choose Media Upload
  5. Select your MP4 movie file and watch it upload to the Kaltura server (your My Media folder)
  6. After the upload completes (will take a while with large files), confirm the video’s title and click Save at the bottom of the page
  7. You can leave this page or upload another file (there is a link to My Media at the bottom of the page)
  8. After uploading, the movie files will be processed by the Kaltura server and guess what? You have to wait some more
  9. But in the meantime, even before the processing is done, you can embed these videos in your Canvas page; see: How do I embed Kaltura media on a Canvas page (or announcement or discussions etc)? Note that you and your students can’t actually watch the Kaltura video until after it completes processing, and that timeframe may vary.

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