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BBB: share your screen

Posted at 5:54 p.m. June 3, 2021, by in Canvas, Communication


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If you are still web conferencing with students using BBB (aka Conferences tool in Canvas), you may wish to share your screen with students. This is useful if you with to demonstrate a live web site, for instance. IMPORTANT: if you want to share a PowerPoint slideshow or other documents, don’t screenshare! Simply 1) save the docs as PDFs; and 2) click the blue + button at the bottom of your conference to load the PDFs into your conferences.

But if you do need to share your live computer screen:

  1. Make sure you are using BBB from either the Chrome or Firefox browser on a computer.
  2. BBB share screen button

    Screen share

    From within the live conference, click the Share Screen button (looks like a monitor with a slash through it)

  3. You may be asked to allow screen sharing by your browser; say yes
  4. Next, you must choose what you want to share (your entire desktop or a single program or window)
  5. Wait a moment and the screen will appear on the right side of your BBB conference
  6. Now you can demonstrate from the actual window and your students will see and hear you through the BBB session
  7. To stop screen sharing, simply press the Share Screen button again

More in-depth details are available from BBB Customer Support.

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