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Introducing the ThingLink Pilot 2023

Posted at 12:41 p.m. March 16, 2023, by in News

Can you design an inclusive syllabus for your course easily? An interactive syllabus is a great strategy to ensure that a course is equitable and the expectations are transparent. 

Are you interested in creating content in a way that is interactive and promotes inclusive scholarship for diverse learners? Text-heavy content can be difficult to process for some learners.  

If you answered yes to either question and want to make course materials more equitable and inclusive in how they are presented, you may be interested in ThingLink.

ThingLink is a tool that allows you to create interactive, visual content that can foster engagement by minimizing distractions, encouraging collaboration, providing varied communication, and guiding comprehension. 

About the ThingLink Pilot

We are pleased to introduce a new educational technology IDEA innovation grant pilot this spring: “ThingLink Interactive Syllabus: Piloting an Equitable and Inclusive Way to Start a Course.”

Participants for this pilot will receive an 18-month license for ThingLink and a training session presented by the Instructional Design and Technology team in October 2023. Lunch will be included in this hands-on workshop. 

Explore the examples below to review a few examples of ThingLink’s capabilities and how it might be leveraged to provide engaging, exciting content grounded in inclusive teaching strategies.

ThingLink Examples

Look for more information to register for the pilot at the beginning of the fall 2023 semester.

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