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Canvas: request a site

Posted at 10:48 a.m. Dec. 11, 2017, by in Canvas

Update (7/18/19) Canvas sites can be automatically created at the department level, based on entries to REGIS Course Scheduling System. At Rutgers–Camden, as of Fall 2019, all Nursing and Law courses and most Business courses should have Canvas shells created automatically. FAS is still primarily using Sakai, but is beginning its migration to Canvas, under the auspices of IDT.

If your department is not submitting these data to the registrar, you can continue to request sites individually:

  • Camden faculty
    • contact us… we will help! As always, email or call (856) 225-6090.
    • we will request sites for you—and migrate content from your Sakai sites, as requested
  • if you’d prefer
    • request a new official, course site, by sending email to, including:
      • your name
      • your NetID
      • course semester
      • full course and index number
      • example: “Please create a course site for Sp20, 57:705:101:02, index 12345. Thanks, Juanita Salk (NetID jsalk).”
    • for a practice or course development site (not connected to a student roster):

NOTE: these processes are still in flux as Canvas administration moves from Continuing Ed to OIT. Contact IDT if things don’t seem to work as expected!

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