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Canvas: upload document to Modules

Posted at 5:18 p.m. Feb. 1, 2018, by in Canvas

 There are several ways you can share documents with your students in Canvas, but this is probably the simplest, if you are using the Modules page. Be sure you have the file(s) you wish to upload on your computer (it may be stored on your hard drive, a flash drive, or a networked drive).

  1. From within your course site in Canvas, click Modules in the left-hand menu
  2. To the far right of the module from which you will share the file, click the plus (+) sign
  3. From the “Add” drop-down box, choose “File”
  4. In the large “Select” box, choose “[New File]
  5. Now click the “Browse” (or “Choose File”) button below the large box
  6. Browse your computer files to select the correct file for upload
  7. Click the “Add Item” button at the bottom right
  8. The link to your file will now appear in your Modules page
  9. HINT: you can rename the link from the gear icon to the left of the file
  10. HINT 2: you can rearrange items in the Modules page by dragging them with the eggbox icon

Short video of this process (1:39)

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