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Canvas: add people to a Canvas site

Posted at 2:56 p.m. Dec. 18, 2019, by in Canvas, Getting Started

Course sites are accessible to a certain group of people, in most cases. For a course site, one professor is given a “teacher” role and the students on the official class roster are given “student” roles. A couple of notes:

  1. If a student adds a class with the registrar, they should get access to the linked Canvas site sometime in the mid-morning of the next day
  2. Ditto when a student will lose access to a Canvas site after dropping the class
  3. Sometimes you may need to add a student, or a co-teacher, or a TA to your Canvas course site:
    1. You will need the person’s NetID (for students you can also use their RUID)
      1. to find a person’s NetID, you can ask them or if you’re stuck, ask us (IDT: 856 225 6090 or… we are fighting to get a look-up tool accessible from Canvas
    2. Now, go into your Canvas site and click People from the left-hand menu
    3. Make sure to select either “Login ID” or “SIS ID” (not email address)
    4. Enter the netid in the text box provided (to add multiple people, separate NetIDs with a comma or put each on a new line)
    5. Choose the Role and hit Next, then confirm
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