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Canvas: create a Page and add content

Posted at 4:13 p.m. Jan. 2, 2020, by in Adding & Editing Content, Canvas

Often we suggest creating a Canvas page in which to present resources for students with some context. The alternative is to create a simple list of all the resources from Modules, which is unwieldy if you need to enrich resources with hints or instructions to your students.

Create a new page

  1. Either from the Pages tool (+ Page button); or
  2. From the Modules tool
    • click the plus sign to the right of the Module in which the new page will reside
    • in the Add box choose Page
    • then New Page
    • then title the new page and click the Add Item button
Canvas content selector

Canvas content selector

Adding content

When you edit a page in Canvas, you’ll be using the Rich Content Editor (similar to the editor in Sakai). You can type, copy and paste, change styles, etc. Adding links to other Canvas items and multimedia works great, but you MUST follow best practices, as presented below:

Link to a Document in Files

  1. To add a link to a document (ie, Word doc, PDF, spreadsheet) in your Files area in Canvas, always use the right sidebar Files tab
  2. Click on the Page and enter Edit mode from the top-right Edit button
  3. Place your cursor where you want the link to appear (or highlight text you want linked)
  4. Now click the Files tab at the far-right in the unlabeled “Content Selector” area
  5. Within the Content Selector, navigate to your document (previously uploaded to Files) and select it
  6. The link in your editor will flash yellow as it creates the link
  7. Be sure to scroll down to Save your page changes

Embed a Kaltura video

See tip sheet How do I embed Kaltura media on a Canvas page?

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