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Kaltura MediaSpace (if you’re not using Sakai or Canvas)

Posted at 12:41 p.m. Nov. 6, 2015, by in Kaltura

Kaltura logoKaltura is a new video-streaming service at Rutgers, which will eventually be integrated into Sakai. It could be compared to a private YouTube for Rutgers. Faculty, you can upload videos you’ve made previously, then share them with links or by embedding in a course page. Kaltura also includes tools to create new videos and presentations including combinations of webcam video, audio, slideshows, and screencasts.

Log into Kaltura MediaSpace

  1. Point your browser to:
  2. In the top-right corner, click the “Guest” drop-down menu and select “Login”
  3. From the Rutgers CAS sign-in page, log in with your NetID and password
  4. If your faculty account is working, you’ll now see an “Add New” menu to the left of your name at the top right (if not, contact IDT at (856) 225-6090 or

Upload existing video file

Be careful to respect copyright laws. Contact your Rutgers librarian if you’re not sure.

  1. From the “Add New” menu, select Video Upload
  2. Click the button “Choose a file to upload”
  3. Browse to find and select the video (or just audio) file on your computer
  4. Wait until the Upload Media page displays the message “Upload completed”
  5. Complete the short form for details about the file:
    1. Name of video is required
    2. Description and tags are only required if file may be published for wide-spread sharing
    3. Visibility defaults to “Private”; change to “Unlisted” to share with students, but not the public (note: you can always change these settings later)
    4. Click Save button
  6. Click link to “Go to My Media”

Create new recording

Share video file

  1. Make sure you have set visibility to Unlisted; if not:
    1. click the video or its title (not the Edit button)
    2. Video will start to play, so you probably want to click the Pause button (grrr)
    3. Under the video, at the right, click the Actions drop-down and select Publish
    4. Select “Unlisted” and click the Save button
  2. From My Media, click the video or its title (not the Edit button)
  3. Beneath the video, click the Share button
    • To email a link to your video, click the “Link to media” tab, click in URL (web address), copy and paste to email
    • To embed your video in a Sakai site, click the “Embed” tab, click in embed code (gobbledy-gook), copy and add to Sakai Lessons page:
      1. Sakai: Lessons overview
      2. Sakai: Embed videos in Lessons page
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