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Teaching online support

notebook-1How do I effectively teach online?

Teaching online can be more challenging than people anticipate.  In most cases, online courses are completely developed and ready to run before the semester begins. This means that all content – including lectures, assessments, rubrics and discussion questions – are conceptualized, scheduled and created prior to the first day of class.  This is often a change for instructors, who may be used to preparing lecture materials and assignments throughout the semester.  Grading and communication can also be more tim consuming in an online course.  Consider the following, as stated by Andrea Zellner in “Dealing with your online teaching challenges“:

In face-to-face classes, looking around the room and generally noting who is engaged in a discussion or not is a quick moment of observation. In an online course, each of those interactions is rendered in black and white, and each of them should be attended to—after all, the students are spending time creating these work products.

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