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Developing a syllabus & schedule

Posted at 7:46 a.m. Sept. 30, 2014, by in Creating content, Teaching Online

Writing online course syllabus & schedule

Sample syllabi

Here are three sample syllabi you can download and revise to use for your online course.

Course schedule

Note that each of the above syllabi contain a general course structure (see table below) and a specific course schedule. Your syllabus for an online course will contain similarities to one in a face-to-face course. However, the syllabus should also include a specific course schedule that is clearly structured and consistent throughout the course. You should plan to address the following:

  • Does the student know, at every moment, what she should be doing right now? What she should be planning for next?
  • Feedback should come early and often: Does the student feel that you care about his performance? Does he understand that he must be “present” every day?
  • How will you reach out to students who don’t “appear” on day 1? On day 2?

In designing a fall or spring semester course, it is best to set up the same structure for each week in the course. For example, your general weekly structure might look something like:

Mon-Wed Wed Thurs-Sat Sun
  • read, watch lectures
  • construct forum post #1
  • submit quiz by 11pm
  • submit forum post #1 by 11pm
  • continue discussion
  • work on assignments
  • submit final forum posts
  • submit assignments by 11pm







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