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IDT Faculty Workshops

Posted at 11:37 a.m. April 26, 2024, by in Uncategorized

Upcoming workshops

Interested in learning more about Canvas? Eager to get your course site organized for the upcoming semester? Please join us at our upcoming Canvas webinar series, where we take a closer look at Canvas functionality and how it can help your students.

Sign up to attend one or more of these sessions here.

Canvas: Assignments & Discussions

Tuesday, 5/21 (12:00-12:45) in Zoom

These Canvas tools allow you to engage your students with both formative and summative assessment.

  • Explore the many types of assessments you can offer your students through the Canvas Assignment tool, like paper uploads, worksheet annotation, link submissions, and more. We’ll also take a look at group assignments and peer review.
  • Engaging students with the Canvas Discussion tool can help your online classroom come aliveā€”or allow classroom discussions to overflow into virtual space.

We will review the basics of using each tool and discuss potential uses in your courses.

Canvas: Grades & Speedgrader

Wednesday, 5/22 (12:00-12:45)

This session will feature a ‘how-to’ of setting up your Canvas Grades, including weighted course grade calculation. Say good-bye to downloading and uploading student assignments! Speedgrader allows you to provide meaningful feedback to students, including annotations on their submission, directly from Canvas. We’ll take a look at the options for you to record audio or video feedback as well.

Canvas: Prepping your course site

Thursday, 5/23 (12:00-12:45)

This workshop will highlight some of the most helpful ‘to-do’s before making your site available to students, whether you’re copying content from a previous semester or starting from scratch. Join us to help ensure your course site is ready to go and set up for success!

Sign up to attend one or more of these sessions here.

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