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Get to know New VoiceThread – Coming May 13th, 2024

Posted at 9:14 a.m. April 12, 2024, by in IDT Blog: Teaching & Tech Tips, VoiceThread

Changes are coming to VoiceThread – and Rutgers VoiceThread users will be able to experience this updated version, called “New VoiceThread”, starting on May 13th.  This update includes changes to the user interface and design layout, a suite of new features, and improved accessibility for all users. Please note that the New VoiceThread update will not impact the functionality of any previously created VoiceThreads.

New voicethread logo

Photo Credit: VoiceThread

About New VoiceThread

Some of the highlights from this upcoming update include:

  • Aesthetic changes to the design of the VoiceThread interface
  • Users will be able to record a comment spanning multiple slides using the ‘Jump Comment’ navigation feature
  • Users will be able to to zoom and pan on a slide while recording a comment
  • Improved accessibility (automatic alt-tags on images and PDFs, improved experience for users with screen-reader technology)
  • Bulk edit options, such as bulk deletion of comments or VoiceThreads

One Conversation View

One of the more significant changes featured in New VoiceThread is the ‘One Conversation View.’  From VoiceThread:

“Like the name implies, the one-conversation setting keeps all comments visible on the left side of the page at all times, regardless of which slide you’re on. Click on each comment to play it, and whatever slide the comment was posted on originally will display as it is playing back. You don’t need to go looking for comments or conversations throughout the various slides.”

Possible use cases for One Conversation View might include:

  • Students discuss a gallery of images or documents freely, independent of a specific sequence
  • Student or instructor presentations where only certain slides feature comments, preventing users from having to click through slides without comments

Here is an example of a VoiceThread using ‘One Conversation View’

One Conversation View is optional, and the traditional ‘Multi-Conversation View’ will be available as a selection in your VoiceThread settings.

Interested in learning more?

Click here to review the announcement of these changes from VoiceThread itself.  Please contact IDT with any questions or concerns about New VoiceThread (

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