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Canvas: customize grading scheme

Posted at 11:04 a.m. Dec. 17, 2021, by in Canvas

The ‘grading scheme’ in Canvas is used to translate numeric grades into letter grades. The default scheme is not good for most Rutgers–Camden courses: it includes minus grades, for instance. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to change this default.

Instructors can set up a grading scheme for each Canvas site:

  1. From within your Canvas course site, click Settings from the bottom of your left-hand course menu
  2. Select the first tab at the top, for Course Details
  3. About halfway down the Details page, after the Start/End date area, find the Grading Scheme option and check the box to Enable course grading scheme
  4. After checking the box, a new link will appear; click on set grading scheme
  5. Now click on the pencil to edit the existing grading scheme

edit grading scheme

  1. asdf In the View/Edit Grading Scheme window, start from the top and:
    1. to edit the range, change the lower limit (eg, change A to be 100% to 90%)
    2. to delete a grade (eg, remove A-), click the đť—« at its far right
    3. continue until scheme is complete, then click the Save button at the bottom right

make changes to existing grading scheme

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