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Canvas: download, mark, and re-upload student submissions from Assignments

Posted at 4:28 p.m. Aug. 23, 2019, by in Canvas

IMPORTANT: Most instructors will NOT need these instructions. Usually, it is much easier to do all your grading: annotations, grades, comments (text, audio, or video), rubrics, and attachments with the SpeedGrader tool in Canvas. The process below is for instructors who have a particular reason for grading assignments outside of the online Canvas grading system.

Bulk download:

Related Items menu from Assignment page

  1. Log into Canvas and enter your course site
  2. Click Assignments in the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the specific assignment
  4. At the far right, you’ll see “Download Submissions” just under the SpeedGrader link
  5. Click the Download link and all submissions will be compressed into a .zip file
  6. Save the .zip file and open it on your computer
  7. The student submissions will be named with the student’s name (unless you had specified anonymous grading)
  8. Do your grading and markup. Save the edited document (or the scanned version) with the original filename of the downloaded student submission


Related Items menu from Assignment page

  1. Your edited or scanned documents must have the same filename as the original student download
  2. You then need to collect all the scanned files into a zip file before uploading (ask OIT help desk x2343 if you need help with this)
  3. From your Canvas site, in the Assignments tool, you’ll now see the “Re-Upload Submissions” link
  4. Click Re-Upload and select your zipped file (that contains all the annotated, scanned files) from your computer
  5. Open and Upload the zip file
  6. You’ll see the results of the upload, and each student will see your scanned file in the feedback panel of their assignment



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