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Canvas: upload document to Syllabus tool

Posted at 2:22 p.m. June 11, 2019, by in Canvas

The easiest and most useful way to share your class syllabus with your students is to use the Canvas Syllabus tool and provide both a link (for downloading and printing) and an “automatic preview” so the students can see the text on the fly. How-to video follows these written instructions.

  1. Log into
  2. From your course site, click Syllabus in the left-hand menu
  3. You’ll see a space for text at the top of the Syllabus page, with a Course Summary below
  4. Click Edit button at the top right
  5. Click in the editor box and type out some simple instructions for your students, such as: “Download or print syllabus from this link, or scroll down to preview document.”
  6. location of files tab in Canvas text editorAdd link to file (Word or PDF, generally): on far right, choose File tab, and click the “+Upload a new course file” button
  7. Now click the “Choose File” (or Browse) button, locate the file on your computer, and click the Upload button
  8. To ensure the students can see the preview (thus don’t have to download the document every time), select the new link, click the “Link to URL” button (on the editing toolbar, looks like a link of chain), and tick the “auto-open the inline preview” checkbox
  9. Click Update the link
  10. Click Update Syllabus
  11. To view your new syllabus, click Home on the left-hand menu, then Syllabus
  12. You should see your instructions for the students, the link to the syllabus file, and the preview of the document below


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