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Adding VoiceThread to your Canvas course

Posted at 8:05 a.m. Nov. 6, 2014, by in VoiceThread

How do I add VoiceThread to my Canvas course?

Link to an assignment (Graded activities)

You can link a VoiceThread directly to a Canvas assignment.  When linking a VoiceThread to an assignment, you have several options. The correct choice will depend on how you wish your students to interact with VoiceThread.

  • Assignment Builder:  Allows instructors to set specific parameters for how students engage with the VoiceThread tool. Options for engagement include: Create a VoiceThread, Watch a VoiceThread, Comment on a VoiceThread (click the links for more information about each option, along with suggested activities appropriate for each selection).  Note that VoiceThread ‘Assignment Builder’ assignments will be graded from within the VoiceThread assignment interface and transmitted to the Canvas Gradebook.
  • Individual VoiceThread: Displays one VoiceThread owned by the instructor’s VoiceThread account.  Useful for sharing a VoiceThread that shares lecture content or requires students to comment on and/or add their own slides to a VoiceThread presentation if you don’t care to use the Assignment Builder option.
  • Course View: Displays all of the VoiceThreads shared with a course group in VoiceThread in a gallery view.  Useful if you have many VoiceThreads to share with a course and don’t wish to link each one individually. 
  • VT Home Page: Displays the VoiceThread Home Page for each user.  Not especially useful for individual courses as it displays all of the VoiceThread courses/groups a user is affiliated with.

Add as external tool to Modules (Ungraded activities)

Provides a link to VoiceThread within a course module.  The same options as above are available when linking this way, however they will not be associated with an assignment in the Canvas gradebook.  Therefore, this method is most appropriate for ungraded VoiceThread assignments.

  • Tip: Some instructors find it useful to add a link to VoiceThread with ‘Course View’ selected in one of their course modules, but keep it unpublished from students’ view.  This allows the instructor easy access to all of the course VoiceThreads without having to navigate through a particular VoiceThread assignment.


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