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Rutgers–Camden Online Teaching Certificate

Cohort 2: Fall 2020

Course Description

The Rutgers–Camden Online Teaching Certificate is a five-week, fully online course designed to introduce full-and part-time faculty to online teaching. By the end of the course, candidates will have:

  1. Developed a fall syllabus for their fully-online course which includes opportunities for interaction among students and the professor.
  2. Designed and recorded lectures for the course.
  3. Created appropriately scaffolded assignments for the course, potentially using new technologies.
  4. Developed a plan for instructor facilitation and presence throughout the course.

Program Requirements

  • Candidates must commit to:
    • Five-week certification course: Tuesday, July 7 – Monday, August 10. The coursework will take approximately 5-7 hours a week, entirely online.
      • This includes a one-hour, weekly required synchronous session: choose either 12-1pm on Tuesdays or 10-11am on Wednesdays.
    • Participation in weekly asynchronous discussions
    • Submission of weekly assignments that will build materials for your online course
    • Presentation of final project: ten-minute course tour video to be shared with the group
  • Candidates must have access to a laptop or desktop computer with microphone (webcam preferred), and dependable Internet access.
  • Upon completing the required coursework, candidates will receive a certificate verifying that they have completed the program. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer a stipend upon completion as was previously offered to participants.

What did past participants say about the program?

Our first cohort of 24 participants, aimed at summer 2020 courses, completed the program on May 22.

  • 95% of Cohort 1 said they were “likely” or “very likely” to recommend the program to a colleague.
  • 58% rated themselves as feeling “very much more confident” in teaching their online course after taking the program; another 38% rated themselves as “more confident.”

Here are some comments from Cohort 1:

“I found very useful how to plan my online course. It showed me that more is involved than just converting my face-to-face class into an online class. I learned that online classes actually need very careful and rigorous planning for student success.”

“I enjoyed seeing an online course from a student perspective and the wide variety of tools we were exposed to.This made it so that I had a range of elements to pick from when designing my course.”

“I am so glad I did this, and it should be offered in some format regularly, especially with the shift to Canvas, and with remote learning.”

“The instructors really made the learning experience. I appreciated the detailed feedback that was specific to my course. I also liked the opportunity to meet one on one with my instructor to address specific concerns I had. Thank you for a great experience!”

Application: open June 8-22; please submit by 11:59pm June 22.

Sorry, the application deadline has already passed!

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