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Using TurnItIn with Canvas Assignments

Posted at 1:53 p.m. April 1, 2020, by in Canvas

Adding TurnItIn to a Canvas Assignment is part of the assignment detail set-up in Canvas. You can learn more about how to create an Assignment in Canvas here.

To set up an assignment so that the submissions are run through TurnItIn, make sure you’re in the Assignment details editing screen.

  • To create a new assignment, click the Assignments tab in the lefthand menu of your Canvas course and then click the blue +Assignment button in the upper right.
  • To edit an existing assignment, click the Assignments tab in the lefthand menu of your Canvas course. Click the Assignment title, then click the gray Edit button in the upper right.

Adding TurnItIn to an assignment

Find the “Submission Type” settings area. From the dropdown menu, make sure to choose “Online.” In the list of “Online Entry Options,” make sure to select “File Uploads” only:

After you select “File Uploads,” a new section called “Plagiarism Review” will appear right underneath the “Submission Type” section. From the dropdown menu that says None, select TurnItIn. The TurnItIn options will appear, from which you can adjust your settings. Once you select TurnItIn from the drop down menu and save your assignment settings, all student submissions will automatically go through TurnItIn.

Finding the TurnItIn similarity score

Learn more about the TurnItIn similarity score here. This will explain the color-coding and percentage-based system.

Learn more about Canvas Speedgrader here. 

Finding the score in Speedgrader

In SpeedGrader, the TurnItIn similarity score will appear in the righthand column, next to the submitted file link:

Finding the indicator in the Gradebook

In the Gradebook, you cannot view the entire similarity score, but an indicator flag will appear using TurnItIn’s color-coding system:





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