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  • Finding online video for teaching

    Rutgers Libraries offer a great resource called Online Video at Rutgers which will give you the lowdown on how to add streaming video resources to your course site. The page gives a set of resources for finding free online video, but also directions on how to request feature films through Swank Digital Campus. Feature films ... Continue reading
  • Digital Teaching Fellows present 8/20/14

    Following up on intensive two-day workshops in May, thirty-five selected Rutgers-Camden faculty members will be presenting their newly-redesigned courses over the course of several presentation days. Please join us for the first of these events: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 124 Armitage Hall 10am-noon: Our guest Dr. Megan Raymond of Apple Education presents on “Transforming Teaching and Learning through Mobile Technology” 1-3pm: ... Continue reading
  • MIT researches online lectures: just “chunking” is not enough

    These qualities improved online lectures for students: brevity (viewers tune out after six minutes) informality (professors seated at a desk, not standing behind a podium) lively visuals (rather than static PowerPoint slides) fast talkers (the most engaging professors spoke 254 words a minute) BUT more pauses (so viewers can soak in complex diagrams) web-optimized lessons (existing videos retroactively broken into shorter ... Continue reading
  • Student polling applications

    Student polling applications allow all students to participate in class anonymously. One common form of student polling is through the use of clickers. However, students often have complaints about using clickers: they may forget to bring them to class, it incurs an extra cost, or the device may run out of batteries or break. There ... Continue reading
  • Grading online discussions

    Online discussion forums were a popular topic at the inaugural eLearning Conference this past April, most likely because they are a tool you can use whether you’re teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses, as long as you’re utilizing Sakai or eCollege. Why are online discussions beneficial? Online discussions are an opportunity for students to participate in class ... Continue reading

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