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  • Responding to a Nobel Laureate’s education plea

    Stanford Professor Carl Wieman compares the college lecture to medieval bloodletting, an outmoded solution that never worked in the first place. Instructional Design & Technology is here to save the day! We can help you reinvigorate your classes with active learning—and help you measure the improvement this makes to your students’ success. Call us at 856 225 6090 or ... Continue reading
  • How do students use recorded lectures?

    1) to understand difficult concepts; 2) to deal with time conflicts; and 3) to focus when they’re best able… Rutgers University–Camden faculty can choose to record any or all of their classes with a quick online sign-up. Just login with your NetID and follow the prompts at RUCams classroom recording. Presented at Open Apereo 2015 in Baltimore, by Stephen ... Continue reading
  • Adding engagement to your online course

    Engaging with students can pose a challenge in an online course, but it is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring student success. Our students report high levels of satisfaction in courses in which they feel “heard” by the professor and a part of a community with their fellow students. For undergraduates especially, feelings of isolation can lead ... Continue reading
  • Engaging students one-on-one online at Rutgers-Camden

    Our own Christie DeCarolis, instructional designer at Rutgers University–Camden, along with Spanish PTL Dana Pilla, presented at the Virtual Sakai Conference 11/7/14. Watch a recording of their engaging presentation on YouTube to learn how Dana and Christie designed a robust online course together. They organized a brilliant, robust class structure where students interacted with each ... Continue reading
  • Register now for faculty workshops from IDT

    Please join us for a one-hour, hands-on workshop this fall. Instructional Design & Technology is offering introductory sessions on: Sakai VoiceThread iPads for Teaching Online Teaching at RUC You must register from our Workshops page. Jolly Ranchers will be served. Please call 856 225 6090 or email with any questions. Continue reading

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