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Sakai: Create a course site

Sakai: create course site

  • Log into Sakai with your Rutgers NetID and password at
  • From the “My Workspace” tab (at the top left), click “worksite setup” in the left-hand tool bar
  • click the New button at the top
  • Choose “Course site” and semester, scroll down and click Continue
  • Select your course roster from the list (you may select multiple rosters if you want to add multiple sections or cross-listed courses) if available. If you do not yet have official roster access,* click “Continue with no roster.” Click Continue
  • Enter a title for your new site, which will appear in the tab at the top of the page
  • Enter a description of your course (copy and paste from online catalog if you like), generally ignore the short description, confirm contact details; click Continue
  • Check off the tools you want to include in your course site (you can add or delete them later). At the very least, include HOME and SITE INFO. Most instructors use ANNOUNCEMENTS, RESOURCES, and SYLLABUS. Add other tools as needed.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of tools. If you’d like to re-use materials from an existing course, select that.
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose “Publish site” if you want it accessible by students (you could wait to publish after you’ve developed the site)
  • For most courses, do NOT grant “global access”; click Continue
  • Confirm site details and click “Create site”
  • Your course should appear in a new tab along the top of the screen

* If you don’t see your roster listed when you’re creating your Sakai site, it means your department has not yet granted you roster access to your course. You should contact your department administrative assistant and request this access. Once it’s granted, you’ll have to go back to your Sakai site to add the roster–so your students have access to the site.

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