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What’s changing from Sakai 10 to Sakai 11?

Fresh & responsive interface

Sakai 11 features a sleeker, more modern look with redesigned menus and a responsive interface that allows you to easily work on Sakai from any device: desktop, mobile, or tablet. With the interface change, however, some of the features you commonly use may be found in a different place, explained in three topics below:

  • Accessing sites: learn about the newly designed site drawer, which allows you to easily create new sites, as well as “favorite” sites to place them in your top navigation menu.
  • Navigating your site: review how to enter student view, move through tools and pages easily, and collapse/expand the menu.
  • Managing your site: check out new features in Resources and slight tweaks to the Site Info tool to make maintaining and updating your sites easier than ever.

Click on the topics below to expand more information about the changes in Sakai 11 and to see screenshots comparing Sakai 10 to Sakai 11.

Accessing your sites

The “site drawer” from which you access your sites in Sakai has been tweaked to make it easier to use. Previously in Sakai, you accessed this by clicking on “More Sites.” In Sakai 11, you should click on the “Sites” button on the left edge of the page.

Easily organize your sites: in Sakai 11, you can simply select the star icon to the left of the site name to “favorite” the site–so the star turns yellow–for the site to appear in your red bar (this makes it more easily accessed when you log into Sakai). If you no longer want a site to appear in your top navigation bar, you can click on the yellow star icon next to it to deselect it as a “favorite.”

Easily create a new site: Now, your site drawer features a “Create new site” button so you can easily create a new Sakai site for an upcoming semester or project.

Below: Sakai 10’s site drawer (top) vs. Sakai 11’s updated site drawer, featuring Favorites and a Create New Site button (bottom).

sakai 10 drawer

sakai 11 drawer favorites

Navigating your site: Entering student view

The “Enter student view” button has shifted from the upper right corner of the page (Sakai 10, bottom left) to the top of your site’s lefthand menu (Sakai 11, bottom right).

studentviewNavigating your site: moving throughout tools

How do you get back to a tool’s home page in Sakai 11? In Sakai 10, an icon featuring 2 blue arrows would “refresh” the page and bring you back to the tool’s home page. Sakai 11 will feature a more traditional website “breadcrumb trail” and you’ll be able to click on the tool name to get back to its home page–a bit more intuitive!

In the example below, I’ve clicked on the “Site Info” tab in my site and then clicked on the “Edit Tools” button (now called “Manage Tools” in Sakai 11: look under Manage your site for more information about that). On the left is what I used to click in Sakai 10 to get back to the Site Info home page, and on the right is what I now click to return to that page in Sakai 11 (both found in the upper left hand corner of your site):


 Navigating your site: new features for the side menu

The left hand menu, which provides access to the tools in your Sakai site, has new features to make navigating your Sakai site easier for both you and your students. The lefthand navigation menu is now…

Floating: the lefthand menu in your site will “float” along the side of the page as you scroll down, so no matter where you are on the site, you’ll be able to quickly access its tools.

Collapsable: You can collapse the lefthand menu to make it display its icons only for a cleaner look. Click on the << arrows at the top of the menu to collapse the menu, and the >> arrows that appear in their place to

Managing your site: Uploading/removing Resources

Now, when you upload Resources, you’ll have the option to choose whether the file(s) should be available to students or hidden right away.

resources availability
You also no longer have to worry about accidentally deleting files in Resources! Now, when you move files to the Trash, you can still access and restore them if needed.

move Resource to trash

Managing your site: slight wording changes in Site Info

When you enter Site Info, you see a row of buttons at the top of the page. Some of these buttons have received a slight change in wording to make them more user-friendly.

Sakai 10 Sakai 11
Edit Tools Manage Tools
Page Order Tool Order

The Manage Tools button allows you to add or remove tools to your site.

The Tool Order button allows you to rearrange the order that the tools appear in the lefthand menu of your site.

A new, easier to use Gradebook

What’s up with all the gradebooks in Sakai? Sakai 10 featured Gradebook and Gradebook 2. These will both still be available in Sakai 11 until June 2017; however, Gradebook will be renamed “Gradebook Classic” and a new and improved Gradebook will take center stage.

The new Gradebook will still incorporate and combine the features found in both of Sakai 10’s gradebooks, but utilizes a spreadsheet-like interface that makes inputting grades and reorganizing your gradebook faster and more efficient, auto-saving your changes as you go.

Here are some things you can easily do in the new Gradebook:

  • enter grades into the spreadsheet from the main gradebook screen, which will be auto-saved
  • view category scores
  • view grading statistics for an individual assignment
  • set zero for all empty cells OR for all empty cells in one particular assignment
  • hide items or entire categories from students from the gradebook main view (no longer need to enter assignment editing screen)
  • choose what you need to see in the gradebook from dropdown menu if you have many assignments on the page
  • easily view student reports for each individual student by clicking on his or her name, which allows you to see the grades for all their items in one screen
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