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Canvas: share classroom recordings from RUCams

Posted at 9:48 a.m. Aug. 30, 2019, by in Canvas, Classroom Technology, Kaltura

Step 1: Request classroom recording

Note: recording options usually become available a few weeks before the semester begins.

  1. Log in with your NetID to
  2. Select the course for which you want recordings
  3. From the session list, you can select specific days/times to record, or select all
    1. to select all, click the small checkbox to the left of the column heading “Status”
    2. you can UNcheck individual meetings if necessary
  4. Now click the “Schedule Recordings” button at the bottom of the page, which presents a pop-up window with options:
    1. If you will be sharing all recordings automatically with your students, select Yes for “Add Course Podcast”
    2. If you want to manually choose which recordings you’ll share with students, and when, select Yes for “Upload to Kaltura”
    3. Now click the “Schedule Recordings” button again

Step 2: Share automatically from your Canvas site

These steps will make all of your scheduled recordings automatically available to your students. Please contact us at 856-225-6090 or at if you’d like to make the videos available, but would prefer to review them first.

Canvas Redirect app

Redirect tool in Canvas

  1. Copy the “Podcast URL” from the top of your course’s RUCams page (as above); it will look begin like this, with a unique code at the end:
    Podcast Url:<unique code>
  2. Go to your course site in Canvas and click on Settings, the last option in the left-hand course menu
  3. Select the Apps tab at the top. In the search bar that says “Filter by name,” type in “redirect.” Note that the blue “All” button should be selected to the left of the search bar. The redirect tool should appear in the area below. It looks like a folded over blue arrow.
  4. Click the arrow icon representing the Redirect Tool.
  5. Click “Add App” (install first if necessary)
  6. A pop up window should appear. Enter “Class Recordings” for Name. For “URL Redirect,” paste the Podcast URL that you copied from Step 1.
    • We recommend unchecking “Force open in new tab” and checking “Show in Course Navigation”.
  7. Click “Add App”
  8. The “Class Recordings” link should now display in your course menu. You might need to wait a moment or refresh your course home page in Canvas


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