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Using TurnItIn in Canvas and Sakai

Posted at 2:58 p.m. Feb. 27, 2019, by in Canvas, Sakai

Setting up Assignments to be run through TurnItIn’s similarity checker

These videos will show you how to set up the assignment in Sakai or Canvas so that student submissions are run through TurnItIn’s similarity checker. They will also show you how to access the student originality reports after students have submitted their assignments.

In Sakai:

In Canvas:

Interpreting originality reports:

Some places call the reports generated by TurnItIn “originality reports.” Sometimes, they’re referred to as “similarity reports.” Either way, they’re referencing the same document!

Viewing the similarity report- text/image instructions from TurnItIn

The Similarity Report, Part I: The similarity score

The Similarity Report, Part II: Filters and Exclusions

The Similarity Report, Part III: Interpreting the report

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