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Post an exam in Sakai which draws from a question pool

Posted at 11:19 a.m. Oct. 10, 2017, by in Sakai

1. Format your questions properly in Microsoft Word, or in a text editor.

It may actually be easiest to do this in a plain text editor like Notepad, as Microsoft Word tries to auto-generate numbers and letters for you, which can create formatting problems.

Here is the formatting that you should use for multiple choice questions:

1. (10 points) Who was the first president of the United States?
*a. Washington
b. Jefferson
c. Lincoln
d. Clinton

and true/false questions:

5. (7 points) The sky is blue.

2. Create your question pool in Sakai.

After your exam questions are ready to go, you should create a question pool in Sakai.

  1. Go to Tests & Quizzes in your site
  2. In Assessment Title space, put title of the question pool (e.g., Psych 101 F17 Exam 1. This should be very specific as question pools are accessible from all of your Sakai course sites)
  3. Choose “Create using markup text,” then click create
  4. Paste questions into the box under heading “Questions” and hit next
  5. Check for any errors while scrolling down to bottom (see video for more details); then click “Create Question Pool”
  6. Question pool will appear

3. Create the exam and connect it to your question pool

  1. Go to Tests & Quizzes in your Sakai site
  2. In Assessment Title space, put title of actual quiz (e.g., Exam 1)
  3. Leave “Create using assessment builder” checked, then click create
  4. To the right of “Part 1 Default- 0 questions” choose edit
  5. Under Type, check off “Random draw from question pool”
  6. Choose the question pool from the drop down menu
  7. Enter the number of questions students should answer
  8. Enter point value of each question under Scoring
  9. Click Save
  10. Click “Settings” from the gray bar to enter quiz availability info under Availability and Submissions
    1. Enter window of time quiz should be available for
    2. Check off box next to “has a time limit of…” and choose time limit from drop down
    3. Select whether or not you want to accept late submissions; if no, choose “No, not after due date”
  11. Click “Save settings and publish”
  12. Click “Publish” button again

Note: you should only publish your exam if it is 100% ready to go. Any changes made to the question pool or the working copy of the exam will NOT be reflected in the published copy that is delivered to students.

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