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How do I participate in Forum discussions with students?

Posted at 12:17 p.m. July 14, 2017, by in Communication, Sakai

Research indicates that students learn best when they feel engaged with both their classmates and their professor. For instructors, this means interacting regularly with online students in class discussions: reinforcing ideas, introducing additional resources, encouraging robust dialogue, keeping discussions on track… all without discouraging interaction among peers, of course!

Reading student posts

  • Click on Forums tool in left-hand menu
  • Click on “Disc1” (or other) title to open topic
  • At top of screen, click Display Message Content button
  • Scroll down to read all messages
  • When all are read, scroll back to the top and click button: Mark All as Read


  • Now you should respond either:
    • To a specific student’s post
      • Find the post to which you are responding
      • Click the Reply link to the right of the student’s name
      • Type your response
      • Click Post button at bottom of screen
      • NOTE: this will be clearly a response to that student, but all students can read it
    • To the entire group’s postings so far
      • Click the Start a New Conversation button at the top of the read messages
      • Type a title and message body
      • Scroll down and click Post button

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