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Sakai 11 Gradebook

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Rutgers instructors have many different schemes for calculating final course grades. We’re presenting only one common scheme here, but please contact us for help with any Gradebook questions—we believe in your grading structure too!

Gradebook settings screenshot

Gradebook Settings

Gradebook settings

In this scenario, we are grading every assignment with points (e.g., a quiz is worth 10 points, an essay 100) and we have weighted categories for assessment, as represented thusly on many syllabi:

Quizzes 30%
Essays 70%
  1. From Gradebook in the left-hand menu, select the Settings tab
  2. In the Grade Entry section, select Points
  3. In the Categories & Weighting section, select Categories & Weighting
    1. If you may wish to drop the lowest score(s) from some categories, check the box for “enable drop lowest”
    2. Now enter each of your grading categories with its respective weight, as a percentage of the final course grade
    3. Be sure the total is 100%!
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit Changes button
Add Gradebook item screenshot

Add Gradebook item

Add Gradebook items

Now that your categories are defined, you can add items that will be graded.

  1. From Gradebook in the left-hand menu, select the Grades tab
  2. Click the Add Gradebook Item button
  3. Type out a short but clear Title (“Essay 1” makes a better column heading than “Essay on the foibles of middle class mores in the Regency”)
  4. Add the point value and due date
  5. You must select a Category for each Gradebook item that will contribute to course grade
  6. In general, you will want to check the both boxes:
    1. Release item to students
    2. Include item in course grade calculations
  7. Click the Create button

View Gradebook and enter grades

  1. From Gradebook in the left-hand menu, select the Grades tab
  2. Here you can see your Gradebook laid out like a spreadsheet; fortunately, you can control what you see:
    1. Use the Show/Hide Items button to select with columns are visible (by individual item or by category)
    2. Turn on or off Group by Category [important: if you have any GB item that isn’t in a category, it will not be included in course grade calculations—but Group by Category will show you a set of any “uncategorized” items]
    3. Click and drag any column heading to rearrange display
  3. Grading is as easy as clicking in a cell to type a number! The Gradebook will autosave as you type (remember that some of your grading may be done from another tool; for instance, from Forums, Tests & Quizzes, or Assignments)
Gradebook: Group by category

Group By Category


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