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Sakai 11: converting Assignments 2 to Assignments

Posted at 12:54 a.m. Aug. 30, 2016, by in Assessments, Sakai

Warning: at the time of this writing (late August 2016), this is not a pretty process.
IDT is working with our Sakai developers in NB to improve the export tool.

The tool Assignments 2 will be retired in summer 2017—and for the 2016 academic year, it won’t support Turnitin integration or the rubrics feature. Our advice is to move to Assignments as soon as possible. If you duplicate a site that used Assmts2, here are the instructions for migrating:

Assignments 2 export tool

  • In the new semester’s site, add the Assignments tool (Site Info, Edit Tools, select Assignments from the Student Submission sections, click Continue, then Finish)
  • You should now see both Assignments and Assignments 2 in the left-hand menu
  • From Assignments 2 in the same site, click the “Export to Assignments 1” link at the top of the page
    • Select the assignments you would like to export
    • Select the Sakai course site to which you’d like to move the assignments (probably “current title”)
    • Click the dark Export button
  • Now you must clean up the imported items in Assignments (this is the bad part)
    • Edit each assignment in your new course site and:
      • Update the 3 dates: open, due, and accept until
      • Check “student submissions”—did option get changed? (if you’re using Turnitin to check for plagiarism, select “single uploaded file only”)
      • Check “maximum possible points”—did it get divided by 10? Sheesh!
      • Check Turnitin if you plan to use that
      • Under Grading, you probably need to “associate with existing GB item”
      • Post the edited assignment
    • If you link to your assignments from Lessons pages, you’ll need to re-link: click the Edit button to the far right of the old link in your Lessons page, then choose “Change assignment” and select the newly edited one.
  • Finally, remove the outdated Assmts2 tool (Site Info, Tool Order, find Assignments 2 and click the gear, “delete this tool”)
  • If you need assistance, contact us! (856) 225-6090 or
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