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Embed Kaltura video on Sakai Lessons page

Posted at 8:45 a.m. May 11, 2016, by in Kaltura
  1. Go to appropriate Sakai course site
  2. From the Lessons page where you want to embed video, click “Add Content” button and choose “Add text”
  3. A text editor will appear. Click the sunburst icon in the bottom row, far to the right (circled in red in the image below)
  4. A pop up box will appear and will display all of your videos available in Kaltura. Click the blue Select button to the right of the video you’d like to insert and choose the size you’d prefer. After you make a selection, the screen will pause for a moment and then insert your video.
  5. Video should appear in the text editor
  6. Click the red Save button


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