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Sakai: entering final grades as a gradebook item

Posted at 10:02 a.m. Feb. 9, 2016, by in Assessments, Sakai

Sakai: entering final grades as a gradebook item

First: Add the Gradebook tool to your Sakai site

  1. while logged into Sakai: click on the course tab across the top
  2. click “Site Info” on the left-hand toll menu
  3. click “Edit Tools” along the top of the Site Info window
  4. click “Course Management Tools” menu
  5. select Gradebook
  6. scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue
  7. at the Confirmation page, you MUST click Finish to complete the action

Next: Add Final Course Grade as Gradebook item

  1. click on Gradebook in the lefthand menu of your Sakai site
  2. click gray “Add Gradebook item” button
  3. input a title, such as Final Course Grade; input 100 points
  4. the newly-added Gradebook item will appear on the page. Click on the Gradebook item name to input scores for students
  5. input a numerical score in the box labeled “Points” for each student; when finished, click Save Changes
    • Note: Sakai Gradebook cannot accept letter grades. Therefore, you will need to input numerical scores to display students’ final grades:
Letter grade Numerical equivalent
A 90-100
B+ 85-89
B 80-84
C+ 75-79
C 70-74
D 60-69
F 0-59


If you would like students to see their course grade as a letter in addition to this numerical value, while in the Gradebook, click on the gray Course Grade options button at the top; then, select “Display course grade to students now” under Grade Display heading.

Video demonstration of these steps:

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