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Sakai: restricting access to specific student groups, for a folder in Resources

Posted at 1:45 p.m. March 12, 2015, by in Sakai, Sharing Documents

You may want to assign folders for document sharing (using the Resources tool) to specific groups of students. First, you’ll need to create the group(s) that you’d like to have access to the folder; then, you can create the folder and adjust its access settings.

  • log into Sakai with your Rutgers NetID and password at
  • click on the course tab across the top

Create student group

  1. click the Site Info tool on the left
  2. click the “Manage Groups” button along the top
  3. click the “Create New Group” button at the top
  4. give the new student group a Title
  5. select the student(s) for the group from the “Site Member List” and click the “>” arrow to move the student(s) into the “Group Member List”
  6. when “Group Member List” includes all students, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the page

Create folder, restricted to a specific group

  1. navigate to the “Resources” tool in your Sakai site, on the left
  2. to the right of the top-level folder, click the “Add” drop-down menu and select “Create folders”
  3. type a name for your new folder (e.g., Team 1)
  4. click “Add details for this item” link, to the right of Folder Name (note: for a previously-created folder, you’ll go to Actions, then Edit Details)
  5. under “Availability and Access,” select “Display this folder and its contents to selected groups only” and check off correct group
  6. scroll down and click “Create folders now”
  7. new subfolder will indented under its “parent” folder
Sakai Change Student Folder Permissions image

Availability and Access section of folder details page, in Sakai Resources

Allow students to upload and edit documents in folder

  1. to the right of your new folder, click the “Actions” drop-down menu and select “Edit Folder Permissions”
  2. now, carefully check three (3) boxes only–in the “student” column:
    check “Create resources” and “Edit own resources” and “Delete own resources”
  3. click Save
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