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Restricting Threaded Discussions to specific groups in eCollege

Posted at 12:02 p.m. Jan. 20, 2015, by in eCollege, Editing Content

Restricting Threaded Discussions to specific groups in eCollege

Watch the video below on how to restrict Threaded Discussions to groups in eCollege, or follow the step-by-step text instructions that appear below the video.

Instructional video

Text instructions

While logged into your course:

Step 1: Create student groups
  • Click “course admin” from the top menu
  • Click the “Group Management” button
  • Click “Add Group”
  • Type in the group name in the text box next to “Group Name”
  • Select students you would like to add to the group from the “Select group members” box (Note: you can select multiple students by holding down the Ctrl/Cmnd button as you click)
  • Click the –> (right arrow) button to move students into the “Group members” box
  • Click “Save” or “Save and Add Another Group” if you would like to add more groups
  • Note: Students can be members of more than one group. Adding a student to one group does not remove them from the list of students in the “Select group members.” It may be a good idea to keep track of the student members in each group outside of eCollege.

You should also note here that there are 2 names for each group in eCollege: the name you have given each group, and the name eCollege refers to the groups by (usually by letter- Group A, Group B, Group C, etc). In the “Group Management” area, you will see both the eCollege group name listed in addition to the group name you have assigned:

eCollege group management

The eCollege group name will always appear before the group name you have assigned.

Step 2: Add Threaded Discussions & restrict them to specific groups
  • Click on “Course Home” or the module in which you would like to add the discussion to.
  • Click on “Course Items” (or “Unit Content Items” if you are in a module)
  • Click the “Add Items” button
  • Input the discussion name (note: you do not need to include the group name here; each group can have the same discussion title)
  • Choose “Threaded Discussion” from the drop down menu next to “Item Type”
  • Choose “Course Home” or the module(s) to where you would like to add the discussion in your course
  • You should see an option to “Assign To” with a drop down menu. Choose the group you would like to have access to this threaded discussion. Note that here, the group names you have assigned will be used:Restricting threaded discussions
  • Select/input Gradebook information if you would like to add it to the Gradebook
  • Click “Save” or click “Save and Add More Items” if you would like to create a discussion for the remaining group(s)
  • Your discussion(s) will appear in your lefthand menu. eCollege indicates which group has access to each discussion using the group name eCollege has assigned, which is a letter:


  • Students will only be able to see the discussion they are assigned to. They will not see the other groups’ discussions in their course menu.
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