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Adding Swank streaming videos to your Sakai site

Posted at 11:06 a.m. Dec. 2, 2014, by in Creating content, Organize content using Lessons, Sakai, Teaching Online

Swank Digital Campus provides Rutgers University streaming access to commercial films for instructional use. This can be particularly useful if you would like your students to access and view films outside of the classroom, possibly in an online or hybrid course.

After you have requested access to videos using Swank Digital Campus, you will be sent a URL to the film. According to Rutgers’ contract with Swank, students should not be given direct access to the video URL; instead, you must embed the film into your Sakai site to prevent distribution/viewing of the film outside of your course.

Embedding Swank videos into your Sakai site

Note: You must add the Lessons tool to your Sakai site in order to embed Swank videos. The process of adding the Lessons tool to your Sakai site allows you to name the Lessons page something more descriptive. If you will only use this page to add videos, it may be useful to name it “Videos” or “Films.” Learn more about the Lessons tool in general here.

After adding the Lessons tool to your Sakai site:

  • Click on the Lessons page in the lefthand menu (it will be called “Lessons” or whatever you may have renamed it)
  • Click the “Add Content” menu in the upper left corner
  • Choose “Add Content Link”
  • Under “Or add URL,” paste the URL you were given to the Swank video
    • Note: You may have been provided an “embed link” to your Swank video that looks something like <a href=””>. You should only copy the text in between the quotation marks ( This is the URL for the Swank video. You do not need the entire “embed link.”
  • Click “Save”
  • Your video is now added to your Lessons page, but still provides students access to the URL. To the left of the newly-added URL, you should see a gray “Edit” button. Click “Edit.”
  • A dialog box will appear entitled “Edit Item”:
    • Delete the URL from “Item Name” and replace it with the title of the film
    • UNCHECK “Open Item in New Window.”
    • Click Save.

    How to edit embedded video

Please also visit the “Viewing Swank videos in Sakai” tip sheet. You can share this with your students to assist them in viewing Swank videos that you have posted on Sakai.

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