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Sakai: T&Q- Allow extended testing time

Posted at 9:05 a.m. Aug. 15, 2014, by in Assessments, Sakai

Sakai: Tests & Quizzes- Allow extended testing time for student accommodations

If students present you with Letters of Accommodation from Disability Services that require you to allow extended time for testing, you should modify your Sakai Tests & Quizzes for those students.

  • log into Sakai with your Rutgers NetID and password at
  • click on the course tab across the top

Create student “extended time” group

  1. click the Site Info tool on the left
  2. click the “Manage Groups” button along the top
  3. click the “Create New Group” button at the top
  4. give the new student group a Title (e.g., “Ext.Time”)
  5. select the student(s) who required extended time from the “Site Member List” and click the “>” arrow to move the student(s) into the “Group Member List”
  6. When “Group Member List” includes all students required extended time, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the page

Create new version of quiz

NOTE: You should have the main version of the quiz published, with questions and settings complete. You will duplicate this quiz and change some settings for the students who need extended time.

  1. click the Tests & Quizzes tool on the left
  2. under “Working Copies” tab, find the quiz to copy, then from the “Select Action” drop-down menu, choose “Duplicate”
  3. on confirmation page, click “Duplicate” button
  4. find the new quiz (generally the original quiz name plus ‘copy #1’) and from the “Select Action” drop-down menu, choose “Settings”
  5. In most cases, you will need to change FOUR settings
    1. under “Assessment Introduction,” change title to <original title>+ext.time (e.g., “Quiz 1 +ext.time”)
    2. under “Assessment Released To,” choose “Selected groups” and check the student group you created above (e.g., “Ext.Time”)
    3. under “Timed Assessment,” change the time to the appropriate extended time (e.g., if accommodation is 150% time, change ’20 minutes’ to ’30 minutes’ or ‘one hour 30 minutes’ to ‘two hours 15 minutes’)
    4. under “Grading,” change ‘Grades sent to Gradebook’ to ‘None’
    5. click button “Save Settings & Publish”


  1. Only the student(s) in the new group can see this new quiz. They can also see the original quiz, so you must inform the students who require accommodations something like this: “To give you the extra time you require for our online quizzes in Sakai, I will publish quizzes with the suffix “ext.time” for you. Only students requiring additional time will see these quizzes. Please take this quiz, which is set to allow <xx> minutes, instead of the original quiz, which is set for <yy> minutes. Note that the quiz must still be completed before <time> on <date>.”
  2. Grading. For the Gradebook to calculate properly, it must see all the students grades attached to the ORIGINAL quiz. After the quizzes are graded, you should transcribe the “ext.time” students’ scores to the original quiz. To do this, record the students’ scores from the “ext.time” quiz (from Published Copies tab, choose “Scores” from Select Action menu). Next, also from the Published Copies tab, choose “Scores” for the ORIGINAL quiz. Find the student(s) from the ‘ext.time’ group and record their scores in the ‘adjustment’ box; click Update.


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