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Sakai: Import grades from spreadsheet/test scanner

Posted at 8:55 a.m. Aug. 15, 2014, by in Assessments, Sakai

Gradebook: Import grades from test scanner

If you give tests and quizzes with Scantron / Scanmark / Parscore grading sheets, you can import those results directly into Sakai’s Gradebook.

Using test scanner

Basic tips

  • When administering the test, be sure that students record their official Rutgers ID numbers on the score sheet, PLUS the test form version if you give multiple versions
  • Take the answer key(s) plus the student score sheets with you to the scanner
  • Bring a printed roster with all student names & IDs to assist you at the scanner if some students have made errors in their IDs

Scan sheets into QuickScore

These directions are based on using the QuickScore program, but will be easily adapted to ParScore.

  1. At the scanner computer workstation, start the QuickScore program
  2. Click “Set up test” and enter your name, course number and title, and term
  3. Click “Enter answer keys” and scan your answer sheet(s)
  4. Click “End”
  5. Now click “Scan test forms,” choosing to inspect multiple marks, inspect omitted marks, AND SAVE SCORES TO FILE
    file type: Excel
  6. Save as: (use a recognizable file name and save to the desktop or your flash drive)
  7. Scan the student score sheets, fixing errors as they appear
  8. When done scanning, click “Close”

Upload test results to Sakai

  1. Open the newly-save spreadsheet into Excel and confirm that student IDs are in 1st column and each column is appropriately named — you can delete unnecessary columns
  2. Now, from the File menu choose “Save As” to save a copy of this spreadsheet as type “csv,” giving it a simple but recognizable filename

Now, log into Sakai and click on Gradebook from the left-hand menu:

  • To upload the data, first click the red Upload/Import action button at the top of the tool.
  • On the next screen, click the Upload spreadsheet… link.
  • Give your spreadsheet a title in the Title text box. Click the Browse… button to find the proper spreadsheet file. Once you have selected the file, click the Save button.
  • If your spreadsheet is properly formatted, the next screen will show the data that you are trying to upload. Verify that this data is correct and click the OK button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now that you have uploaded the file to the Gradebook tool’s loading dock, click the Import link to choose which scores you would like to import into the Gradebook.
  • On the next screen, select the column that you want to import into the Gradebook by clicking it’s radio button in the yellow column header. Once you’ve made your selection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Import Selected.
  • Give your assignment a title and point value. Set whether or not you want this grade to count towards the final course grade, and whether or not you want students to be able to see this grade right away. Click the Submit button to complete the process.
  • The assignment will now show up in the Overview section of the Gradebook (click the red Overview button at the top of the screen to see it.)
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