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eCollege: Create a course shell

Posted at 9:50 a.m. Aug. 15, 2014, by in eCollege, Getting Started

eCollege: Create a course shell

Go to

  • Click “Faculty” tab and choose Pearson Learning Studios (eCollege)
  • Choose Instructor Login from the left-hand menu
  • Log in with your Rutgers NetID and password
  • To create a course shell: Click:
    • Create course from the left-hand menu
  • Choose to either create a new course OR copy an existing course and submit
    • Choose semester, topic, select research guide if needed
    • Choose the course number & section
    • Confirm start dates/session
    • Receive a confirmation page, email will be sent when the course shell is created

Course Shell Basics

When you first enter your course shell, you’ll be on your “Course Home” page. Course and instructor names appear in the top-right corner. You will be building content that will appear in the left-hand menu (which starts with just “Course Home” and “Syllabus”). At the top of that menu, you can see two tabs: “Course” (for viewing content) and “Author” (for adding or changing content). The “Course Tools” bar across the top of the screen includes some important features, including the Gradebook and the Dropbox (for collecting student submissions). At the bottom left of the screen are icons for exiting this course or quitting eCollege.

Content Organization & Structure

Your course in eCollege will consist of “units” listed down the left-hand menu. The units are containers for different types of content items, including text/media pages, discussion boards, and tests. A unit generally corresponds to a week, as that helps students stay organized.  “Course Home” is a special unit that will always appear at the top of the menu. “Syllabus” is a special content type that generally resides in “Course Home.”

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