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eCollege: Adding materials (Content Items) to Units

Posted at 10:32 a.m. Aug. 15, 2014, by in eCollege, Getting Started

A note about Content Items

Content items must be contained within a unit (see above). In general, each item will be one of three types:

  • Text/Multimedia: basically a web page containing formatted text and/or images and/or videos
  • Exam: any test or quiz
  • Threaded Discussion: you must add at least one topic so students can participate

Add Content Items

Content items can be added from any individual unit or from Course Home (the item added will appear under the unit it was added from, or under Course Home).

  1. Click on a unit, then click the Author tab
  2. Click the button “Unit Content Items”
  3. Click the button “Add Items”
  4. Each item needs a title, for instance “Lecture” or “Midterm Exam”
  5. Each item needs a type, such as Text/Multimedia, Threaded Discussion, or Exam. (See below for more about types of content items.)
  6. Next you must indicate into which units you want to add this new item. Ideally, you can create some items that will be added to every unit, such as “weekly discussion,” “reading quiz,” or “lecture.” This will save time, as you can create the item once, but then add it to multiple units. To select the unit for this new item, highlight one or more units it in the “Add to” menu (to select multiple consecutive units, hold the <shift>-key; to select multiple nonconsecutive units, hold the Ctrl-key).
  7. Finally, select “Hide from students” or “Create dropbox basket” (if the student will be responding to this item by submitting a document, such as for an assignment), then click the button “Add Items.”
Text/Multimedia content items

Selecting the time type “Text/Multimedia” means you will be creating a page containing text, plus perhaps hyperlinks, images, YouTube vides, etc. Some professors prepare lecture material that ends up like a multimedia text book section.

Threaded discussions

In online courses especially, threaded discussions can become the core of students’ participatory learning. Instructors design the discussion topics, in most cases, while students post original ideas and responses to other students’ contributions. These discussions occur asynchronously, which means participants don’t need to be online at the same time.

Add a topic

    • Click the Author tab, then click the Discussion link you wish to edit
    • Click the Add Topic link
    • In the Title box, input the subject of the topic
    • In the Visual Editor box, input the information about the topic; click “Add topic”

The Exam tool in eCollege allows you to author questions in many formats, including multiple choice, True-False, short answers, and essay. Settings for each Exam allow you to set available dates, time limits, and auto-grading options. Please schedule a consultation if you’d like to learn more about creating and administering online exams in eCollege.



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