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Sakai: Replace Resources

Posted at 3:31 p.m. Aug. 14, 2014, by in Sakai, Sharing Documents

Sakai: Replace Resources (aka Update)

Occasionally you may wish to update a document you have already posted in Sakai’s Resources tool. You cannot edit the document in Sakai (in most cases), so you will need to make your revisions to the original document, then save the new version on your computer. Then:

  • log into Sakai and click on the tab for your course
  • choose Resources from the left-hand menu
  • find the document that needs to be replaced, and click the Action drop-down menu to its right
  • select “Upload New Version” and you will be directed to an upload page
  • click the “Browse” or “Choose File” button and navigate to the newly-revised file on your computer; click “Open” to select
  • back in Sakai, click the “Upload New Version Now” button
  • from the main Resources file list, you can test your newly-update Resource by clicking on it
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