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Sakai: Dropbox

Posted at 2:42 p.m. Aug. 14, 2014, by in Sakai, Sharing Documents

Sakai: Dropbox

The Dropbox tool in Sakai allows instructors to share documents privately with each individual student. If you add the Dropbox tool to your Sakai site, a folder will be created for each student, visible only to that student and the instructor.

One common use for Dropbox is collecting, commenting on, and returning rough drafts of student work. [Note that the Assignments tool might be a better choice if you will be grading student submissions.]

  • log into Sakai and click on the tab for your course
  • choose Dropbox from the left-hand menu
  • you’ll see at least a folder for each student in the participant list (if students are added to the course, their Dropbox folders will be created automatically)

To view student submissions

  • you can open all student folders by clicking the expand/collapse icon  in the header bar
  • any student folder with content will be marked with a plus sign; click the individual folder to expand it
  • note you can choose to “highlight individual dropboxes with recent changes” and set the time frame for “recent” (this option is just above the header bar)
  • click on any document (or link) to view student submissions

To submit items to the student

  • as in the Resources tool, you can upload files, folders, or web links to a student’s folder
  • click on the “Add” menu to the right of a student’s folder and select:
    • “Upload files” for any kind of document you can upload, like a .doc, .pdf, .ppt, etc.
    • “Create folders” to add an organizing structure; e.g., a subfolder called “Lectures” for all your PowerPoint presentations or a subfolder called “Useful Links”; or
    • “Add web links”
    • see add Resources for more details
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